Frozen brain

"Already in time immemorial, former mothers and fathers' mothers had lived here, looked at the handsome Pakasaivojärvi with respect and amazement, and went to worship the great Seitapahta behind Pakasaivo on a cloth."  

(Samuli Paulaharju)

There are many stories associated with frozen brain. Some of it may be true. Saivo, which is more than 60 meters deep, is unexplored for its groundwater, because the water is sulfur-rich and it has not been possible to dive there.

It's easy to believe that all kinds of inanimate and living things have dropped there over time.

That natural formation is mysterious and awe-inspiring even today, and it is easy to believe that in ancient times it was a place of worship for the Sámi people, which was feared and its spirits were not wanted to be angered.

There was a reflection in the picture, where you can see a character who could be anything, or any of the residents of Pakasaivo.

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