Kauno Kaulanen's presentation

I am Kauno Kaulanen and I come from Äkäslompolo. Nature and movement in nature are really important to me and their importance in my life has grown year by year. Having grown up in a beautiful fell village, I have not always been able to appreciate these landscapes and see them the way tourists see them, but today I have learned to understand their value. Music has been an important part of my life since my teenage years. Maybe you've heard the Ylläsvalssi while visiting here? It has a great text written by my father Aatos Kaulanen and the melody comes from my pen. How well my father said it: "then they will probably notice how beautiful Ylläsen's picture is". The village of Äkäslompolo, surrounded by seven fells, is nature's treasure house in many ways. Yllästunturiha is the most famous, and the villages Äkäslompolo and Ylläsjärvi on both sides of it are Finland's leading ski resorts. The amount of tourism has grown in my home village year by year, and year-round tourism is already becoming part of everyday life in Äkäslompolo. More and more tourists are looking for peace in Lapland's nature as a counterbalance to busy everyday life.

Photography came into my life a few years ago. It started small in the beginning; pictures from travels in Finland and abroad. I like to move in nature, and nature photography gradually began to attract me. The diversity of nature and the filming locations found there offer the best in all seasons. Perhaps winter is the most attractive to describe. Snowdrifts and foggy weather are interesting. Darkness and moonlight fascinate. Sometimes I even did that, when it got dark, I packed the campfire supplies in a backpack and went up to the top of the Kuer fell to take pictures. In the light of the moon, it's not dark outside even at night. The eye gets used to natural light. Animals found in nature also offer interesting photo opportunities. Reindeer sleeping in the snow is one of the most charming animal photos I've taken and also one of my best-selling canvases.

Apart from great shooting locations and pictures, nature means relaxation and peace of mind to me. I like to walk alone for about an hour in the forest and on the fells. In winter, hunting skis are the best. When there is time to stop, nature gives its best. Then you see beauty in things that you don't see in a hurry. Have you ever noticed how beautiful, for example, a frosty birch can be on a bitter frosty morning or an old barn in the middle of the forest? I hope that I can offer you a touch of the magic of Lapland's nature through our canvas boards!

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