Jaana Kurkkio's presentation

I'm Jaana Kurkkio and I want to warmly welcome you to the atmosphere of Lapland! My family roots on my father's side are from Lapland, from the landscapes of the Levi fell. I was taken to Lapland for the first time as a child, and maybe that's why the love for Lapland and its nature has remained throughout my life. Over the years, they have become more important to me. Levi and especially Ylläs are important fells for me and I consider the village of Äkäslompolo my second home.

Lapland's nature is unique. Lapland in summer, Lapland in winter, autumn in Lapland ... they are all worth experiencing and seeing. I am often asked what is the best time to visit Lapland. I do not know. I feel that the seasons in general are one of Finland's riches and their importance is particularly emphasized in Lapland. My favorite season is definitely autumn. The freshness of the air, the brilliant colors, the frosty mornings and the brown earth in the fells are unique. I enjoy being in nature. It soothes and gives so much. The highlight of the summer is definitely spending Midsummer in my father's childhood home, where there is not even a hint of modern conveniences. Instead, there is something much better. Calming down and time with loved ones. Rowing on the lake, fetching sauna water from the nearby Levijoki, heating the wooden sauna and the wonderful steam it gives, shared evening moments in the company of loved ones.

With Kauno, we take trips to nature and the fells in all seasons. Walking in nature at your leisure, observing nature and stopping occasionally helps you see many beautiful things that you don't even notice in the rush. The sparkle of snow crystals on the wind, a tough little fell birch in the barren terrain, a lonely barn by the lake, figures formed by cannonball snow in the forest... no matter how interesting and beautiful they look through the lens of the camera. These photography trips of ours are really nice adventures. One of the best things is climbing the slope of the fell on hunting skis, admiring the scenery there and finally descending along the untouched project. After autumn, winter is my next favorite season.

In our online store, we also want to give you the opportunity to experience these moments offered by Lapland's nature. What is your season? What kind of landscape or thing would you like to see on your wall as a canvas? Summer in Lapland ... winter fell landscape ... northern lights ... reindeer ... fall? All the canvas paintings in our online store were taken by Kauno Kaulanen and they are from the landscapes of Ylläs and its surroundings. The selection includes familiar excursion destinations, e.g. Äkäsmylly, as well as many things that are part of Lapland's nature, such as reindeer. I hope you will find a landscape or thing that touches you in our canvases. If you can't find the nature topic you want on our boards, please use the contact form to send us information about your wish. Maybe we can help you; we have a large selection of photos taken by Kauno that are not yet in our store!

Welcome to our online store!