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A beautiful interior design for a stylish home.

Shipping costs €0 to all of Finland, Åland and Sweden!

  • Hand-assembled and quality-assured traditional canvas board
  • The fabric is tensioned to a durable frame.
  • The board is made using a high-quality method to guarantee the best color brilliance and color durability.
  • The board uses high-quality matte fabric.
  • The fabric that folds to the sides gives the picture a beautiful depth and the high-quality fabric has a natural surface.
  • A wonderful interior design for a cottage, for example!

Sometimes the landscape is deafening with its barrenness.

In addition to the fells, my Lapland is also the rugged ponds that burst through their treacherous openness, where there is no descent or departure ditch. The water comes from somewhere underground, and no one has ever measured their depth. You can only imagine what could have sunk to the bottom over time.

The shores of these ponds are often impassable and sinking bogs. You can only get close to them by walking along the lines of the yaks' hooves.

The best thing about these barren landscapes is that the average traveler does not look for them as a place to experience, but prefers to look for dry land to admire.

Still, this barrenness is beautiful, especially if the light is good, the clouds reflect their colors on the surface of the pond and the surface of the water is calm.

— The photographer tells

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