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Wilderness campfire moment, atmosphere, waiting for campfire coffee...

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  • Hand-assembled and quality-assured traditional canvas board
  • The fabric is tensioned to a durable frame.
  • The board is made using a high-quality method to guarantee the best color brilliance and color durability.
  • The board uses high-quality matte fabric.
  • The fabric that folds to the sides gives the picture a beautiful depth and the high-quality fabric has a natural surface!

November's fading forest landscape, foggy and mysterious. The best moment for a hunter and a hunter is when he gets a tar stump on fire and a coffee pot on the end of the cooking rod in the flame of the fire.

You can already feel the beginning of winter from the smell that the frozen ground and cold-killed vegetation emit. Behind is the splendor of autumn colors and the birch trees have been stripped bare of their leaves, which are now rotting on the ground, ready to nourish next summer's growth.

Even if you think that this is a sad time, it is not for those who take this season and the forest as their own and enter it.

The campfire clicks, there is a misty twilight around, which envelops the forest and seems to tell the person sitting by the campfire some ancient forest tradition. The campfire captivates to watch the movement of the flames and to listen, it is somehow a truly spiritual moment.

It comes to mind how Finns have watched the flames of a campfire for centuries and
have thought about the riddles of life and their own everyday sorrows and joys.

The black soot pot begins to boil and pushes steam from under the lid. You dig out the coffee package and measure the strength of the coffee powder to a suitable consistency. Time can stop for a moment.

— The photographer tells

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