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A delicately beautiful picture of pulmus - signs of spring in Lapland.

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  • Hand-assembled and quality-assured traditional canvas board
  • The fabric is tensioned to a durable frame.
  • The board is made using a high-quality method to guarantee the best color brilliance and color durability.
  • The board uses high-quality matte fabric.
  • The fabric that folds to the sides gives the picture a beautiful depth and the high-quality fabric has a natural surface!
  • A delicate picture of beautiful white birds.

Sympathetic pulmus represent a new phase of the arrival of spring for the people of Lapland and is a very loved species.

As a migratory bird, it stays at feeding places for a few days and then continues to its nesting areas. Pulmunen always appear in large flocks, and flocking makes it react sensitively to sounds and movements.

Pulmus do not eat from the bird's nest, but from the ground, more precisely from the top of the bird. The bird likes the seeds spread on the tree and easily descends in flocks to feed.

The best way to follow birds is to see a large flock take flight. They don't fly far, but gather in a nearby tree to wait, and when the situation calms down, they descend to feed again.

The plover (Plectrophenax nivalis) is a white bird the size of a sparrow, which also has shades of brown. However, this bringer of spring is thought of as a white little bird, a welcome guest at the feeding place.

Pulmunen was previously classified in the cicada tribe, but based on more detailed DNA studies, it has been given its own tribe (to which the Lapland cicada was also transferred). The bird nests in the Tunturilap region and builds its nest in rock crevices and stone holes and lays about 4-7 eggs in June, which the female incubates.

— The photographer tells

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