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The beginning of October, the first rain in the countryside. Reindeer resting on a beautiful rug bed. The most popular board in our online store!

Shipping costs €0 to all of Finland, Åland and Sweden!

  • Hand-assembled and quality-assured traditional canvas board
  • The fabric is tensioned to a durable frame.
  • The board is made using a high-quality method to guarantee the best color brilliance and color durability.
  • The board uses high-quality matte fabric.
  • The fabric that folds to the sides gives the picture a beautiful depth and the high-quality fabric has a natural surface!
  • The board is full of the atmosphere of Lapland!

The first frosty morning in October.

The autumn watered grasses are frozen to a sparkling white and the sunlight refracts diamonds in the reflection.

Reindeer kitten rests in the dry grass, blending into the color scheme around it.

One wants to easily identify with that peaceful state of being and feel one with the surrounding nature. You feel a little envious of how it is possible to be so well-adjusted on such a wide, sparkling spa bed, doze with your eyes closed.

— The photographer tells

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