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A wonderful interior design for Lapland lovers - a piece of Lapland in your home!

Shipping costs €0 to all of Finland, Åland and Sweden!

  • Hand-assembled and quality-assured traditional canvas board
  • The fabric is tensioned to a durable frame.
  • The board is made using a high-quality method to guarantee the best color brilliance and color durability.
  • The board uses high-quality matte fabric.
  • The fabric that folds to the sides gives the picture a beautiful depth and the high-quality fabric has a natural surface.
  • A wonderful decoration board for the home and cottage of Lapland friends!

"The monkey is long, the lonely fell is still far away" is stated in one of the songs, and that atmosphere comes from this view as well.

It's that time of the year again, when the sables get an ocher brown-yellow color and in some places even a reddish color. It's fall time.

The forest becoming restless in color and the rustling of dying leaves in the wind makes the birds and other animals of the forest restless. Pintails, woodcocks, grouse and grouse remain hidden by the moors and only when a person comes dangerously close do they run away and usually fly far away. They don't climb trees easily.

We humans, on the other hand, see brown in nature as beautiful. How the wanderer's eye is delighted by the colorful edge of the forest and the fell slope rising behind it.

I sat for a long time on the edge of this monkey swamp and looked at the landscape burned by autumn. Lainiotunturi, whose gentle profile I usually watched from the window at home, looked rugged and lonely from here on the wilderness side. I felt the joy that every hiker feels when he has reached the destination he has set as his travel goal.

Jänkä, jänkkä, aapasuo, aapa, and so many other names, this difficult terrain is known. Maybe it's during autumn that the skunks are at their best; the sedge grasses have taken on a reddish-brown color and here and there you can see white reeds and the tenacious stunted pine saplings cut up the greenery in places.

Always in such lonely moods, my thoughts go to how people lived and moved here centuries ago. For travelers at that time, the beginning of fall meant the death of the abundant summer and the anticipation of a more difficult season. A hermit moved on his hunting trips by harvesting the grain of the forest and some cabin dweller on his firewood gathering trips. "What joy is there in the colors of death", might have been thought by someone living at that time. Be that as it may, the seasons have changed with their own characteristics and are still changing.

However, I am sitting on the edge of the forest, leaning against a tree, listening to the wind, the sounds of the birds, and my heart rejoices at what opens before my eyes. At the moment, this is my Lapland alone.

— The photographer tells

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